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SoW EVENT: 1980's "cold war" PvE Co-op mission

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Re: SoW EVENT: 1980's "cold war" PvE Co-op mission

Postby -IRRE-RollupTito » Mon Jun 11, 2018 2:34 pm

Admin (Philstyle) wrote:
Air-to-air refuel is needed. The Mirage flight in particular would have been greatly assisted with that.

Good idea. If people know how I can set this up.. then I will add it...

A KC-130 tanker at 300+ knots and 20K+ feet is fine for us.

In "advance waypoints" you can:
- set a TACAN so we can find him. (Mandatory)
- set radio frequency so we can ask him to throw us the baskets. (Mandatory)
- set him to "invisible" so he won't be seen by enemy IA. (optional)

And it's better to place him not too far from the target area but protected enough, so it's in security and it's still better to refuel on him then on our base. ;)
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Re: SoW EVENT: 1980's "cold war" PvE Co-op mission

Postby EAF602_Red » Thu Jun 14, 2018 5:21 pm

You can also set the Tanker in a race course pattern between two waypoints that are far enough apart to give time for a flight to refuel

Switch waypoint is one way to create a patrol path. In a way its better for creating a little more of a complex shape. However the Orbit function is available and probably better for us

On WP 1 add this task: Perform Task>Orbit and select racetrack

RaceTrack will only appear as an option if there is a WP after the one that is selected. So if you only have 2 WP the racetrack option will be available only on WP1. You can set an orbit time via the stop condition duration for the orbit task.

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