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Can't Connect

Postby TWC_SunCup » Wed Jun 01, 2016 5:52 pm

Hi folks,

I got the message when selecting Home, Radar, Campaign :

"[phpBB Debug] PHP Warning: in file /home/stormofw/public_html/commandteam.php on line 3: mysql_connect(): Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (113)
Could not connect to server."

Can't connect to SOW server through COD as well :|
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Re: Can't Connect

Postby Admin (Philstyle) » Wed Jun 01, 2016 8:00 pm

Server is not up.
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Re: Can't Connect

Postby Admin (Dietrich) » Wed Jun 01, 2016 8:01 pm

SoW is offline at the moment. Thus some of the pages (e.g. Home and Campaign) will not function, as there is no campaign active. The stats that shown on other pages are from the previous campaign (SoW 3.0).

Yes, there will be a SoW 4.0 campaign coming soon. However, this is being working on at the moment and we are not there just yet. Full announcements will be made when it is ready.
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