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Re: Luftwaffe Airfields on the DCS Normandy Map

PostPosted: Tue Aug 07, 2018 10:45 pm
by EG14_Retnek
Impressive work, Dietrich. Not that easy to dig out Luftwaffe-details in 1944. Next to the incomplete map and a quite relaxed relationship to historical details with DCS I'm really worried about the over-all quality standards.

Learning the Viggen or now checking out the blue fighters in more detail my conclusion: the planes itself are nicely done and one can pilot them with fun and success. Some minor details remain work-in-progress, but it's ok. Beyond the cockpit I constantly feel the need to check each and every detail.

I usually build simple test missions to learn one or two aspects of the plane, a certain mission, weapons delivery etc. Nearly every time stuff doesn't work like expected. 50% because I did something wrong in the mission editor, missed a setting, rtfm or whatever - MY fault.
But another 50% is because of buggy or inconsistent details. Switches don't work, sometimes only per click, sometimes just by keyboard. Small ships need 3x 500 kg bombs to sink, AA-sets remain invisible on ground radar, bomb fuses behave different than in reality, AI produces *strange* manoeuvres when called in for jobs other than dog-fight and CAS ...

In short: DCS-world imho has a quality problem. I don't think it's done wrong in general. But DCS desperately needs a phase of consolidation. Building up a consistent bug tracking, checking object details systematically, harmonizing the object data.

There's so much basics to check if one tries to build a large server scenario with the recent DCS 2.5.2 :?

Re: Luftwaffe Airfields on the DCS Normandy Map

PostPosted: Wed Aug 15, 2018 10:33 pm
by Admin (Dietrich)
I've been doing some more investigation on the map area. Actually... it is more limited than I thought. The blue dashed line is the "elevation map"... in other words, the height-above-sea-level of the map is correct. However it only has a low-resolution texture. The green dotted line is the area which has high-resolution terrain texture.

Here is the updated map with the textured area marked...

Link to full hi-res PDF version: ... ap_v03.pdf

A good example of the edge is actually quite close to Evreux, where the Seine River terminates abruptly, just shy of the town of Vernon (not included).

To be fair, there are some very narrow textured areas, esp along the coast (e.g. Lyme Bay), however, they are so narrow as to be unusable... other than to correctly portray the coast.

So, actually, it turns out that the situation is quite limited and with the exception of Dreux and Saint-André-de-l’Eure, the other fields I had identified are actually beyond the edge of the textured terrain. And, even more so now than before, it highlights the need to implement mission-editor-placeable fighter strips, so we can fill out the area between Evreux and Dreux with satellite fields and put out forward fighter strips south-east of Falais.

Re: Luftwaffe Airfields on the DCS Normandy Map

PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 4:30 pm
by Admin (Dietrich)
Recently, ED announced that the next aircraft will be the Focke-Wulf FW 190 A-8. Specifically, they have said that it will be modelled on a particular example, namely:

The prototype is taken as a basis Leutnant Hans Dortenmann, 2.JG 54, VillacublayFrance, June 26, 1944
Ref: ... tcount=100

This led me to investigate where this airfield is. Here is the map, based on a modification of maps posted earlier in this thread.

Link to full hi-res PDF version: ... ap_v04.pdf

Villacoublay (#38, yellow dot) is outside the green dotted line (the area which has high-resolution terrain texture). Therefore it is possible to fly to the real location, but the last 60 km will be tesselated generic terrain pattern.

The airfield was actually a major LW base and it was attacked multiple times. One attack of note - and I really call this out as it is the very night before the "basis" cited by ED in the above quote - was on 25-Jun-1944.

Villacoublay airfields were bombed in the evening by 63 B-24 Liberators - many hits in the dispersal areas with 3 x Bf 109s destroyed and 2 more damaged, 10 x Fw 190s destroyed and 1 more damaged, 1 x Fi 156 destroyed and 1 x He 111 damaged; hangars, admin buildings, parachute and spare parts storage areas, refueling points and billets were all destroyed.

Although the Normandy map is quite poor in this region, at least we are now getting a LW aircraft that is appropriate to use more generally on the map.

There were FW 190s of JG 3 deployed out of Evreux although, as far as I can tell, these were the Sturmbock variant (A-8/R2, w/2x30mm outer-wing cannons and additional armour plating), not the regular A-8 which is what was at Villacoublay (what we will get in DCS).