Virtual Festival of Aerobatic Teams

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Virtual Festival of Aerobatic Teams

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Spotted this on DCS forums, for those interested in such things...
The Virtual Festival of Aerobatic Teams or VFAT is a virtual, international airshow like RIAT or MAKS. The pilots simulate the displays of real aerobatic teams like the Patrouille Suisse, Thunderbirds, Blue Angels, Russian Knights and Blue Impulse; however, many teams also create their own spectacular displays. VFAT is currently the only virtual airshow where such a large group of teams gather to create an event of this size. Spectators can watch the event live using internet streaming technology. VFAT takes place once a year and offers the opportunity for virtual aerobatic teams and solo pilots to present their hard work for the enjoyment of the general public! Watch live Dec. 7th & 8th on

Also, here is some footage from one such display team, using the DCS C-101.

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Re: Virtual Festival of Aerobatic Teams

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Thanks for sharing ...

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