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Crytek suing SC

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Crytek suing SC

Postby Admin (Reddog) » Fri Dec 15, 2017 11:00 am

Any merit in this do we think? I am so far from the loop I didn't even know SC had moved from the cryengine.
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Re: Crytek suing SC

Postby 19RAF MJDixon » Fri Dec 15, 2017 11:21 am

As a non lawyery person the overview seems to be:

Star Citizen started on Cryengine but moved to Amazon Lumberyard, which is itself built on Cryengine (which they licensed from CryTek for $50 - $70 million), so I guess it may or may not still be on Cryengine depending on your point of view... You wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the two from a standard gameplay point of view anyway, I guess Lumberyard is more advanced or something, and also includes amazon server hosting - but there are probably legal arguments that it's different.

CryTek are also annoyed that the Star Citizen developers have been showing bits of code in the bugsmashers weekly dev video which is apparently against the contract agreement, however since then Cryengine has gone open source, but I guess a contract is a contract.

At the moment the only information is from the CryTek side as they're the ones that published the legal papers or whatever, so we don't know if they've been holding their side of the agreement as well, but it is worth noting that CryTek have been having money problems for a while now and didn't pay their employees for several months (if you believe what's on the internet). A lot of their employees did actually quit and went to work on Star Citizen instead though, which is why they opened up their Frankfurt office where most of the engine development stuff happens, so I guess that pissed off CryTek quite a bit as well.

Erin Roberts (the director of the Manchester studio) stated in 2014 that they had bought the engine in 2013 in case CryTek went under, so not sure how that would play in to it, or if it's accurate information (the bit about CryTek being great partners and friends of the project doesn't seem to be :lol: ):

We did an outright buyout of the engine last year and have the source code, so while we hope all the noise about Crytek blows over, as they are great partners and friends to the project, if the worse happened we would be ok, as we’ve already branched the engine and have a large team that is adding features and supporting it every day here at CIG. So even in the worst case scenario we should be fine, but obviously we hope it does not come to that.

Given their money problems they're probably just after a quick cash settlement or something, which they might be entitled to given the evidence (though as I say it's all one sided at the moment).

Here's a video on it from some legal person on the internet anyway:

I'm sure if all else fails they can just sell an escort carrier for $10,000 each and make all the money back in 24 hours. :roll:

Other than that I'm trying to avoid the internet at the moment especially on controvertial discussions like this as there are a lot of dick heads around and I don't want them to post Star Wars spoilers, which is exactly what a dick head would do in this situation. :lol:
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