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Re: PTU 2.6.0 test phase

Postby ATAG_Vortex » Tue Jan 24, 2017 1:39 pm

EAF331_Stuntman wrote:Okay I'll usually fly in the weekends as I'm too busy in the weekdays most of the time.

I'm also attending an org flight training session from 16.45-19.30 CET every Saturday, if you chaps want to join me and get quickly familiarised with the flight model together with a group. The training session consists of flight training and team vs team called "Squadron Battles" in Star Citizen.

That sounds very good indeed.

Need to try and set up my controls first using the Target Software for the Thurstmaster setup. Have 'solarflys' profiles, just need to install them which isn't the easiest thing to do it seems.
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