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DCS and MP issues

DCS and MP issues

Postby No.54 dix (KL-X) » Wed Jul 11, 2018 10:28 pm

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Re: DCS and MP issues

Postby 71st_AH Rob (XR-R) » Thu Jul 12, 2018 2:38 am

No.54 dix (KL-X) wrote:There's something going on both on reddit and on ED's forum, i thought it was worth briging it up to your attention ... ltiplayer/ ... ex_rallys/


yep, pretty much sums it up. Looking forward to the newsletter announcement on Friday - NOT! I am fairly certain that we will have ED hosted MP servers and that will be the fix they announce. Not a fix at all really.
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Re: DCS and MP issues

Postby Admin (Philstyle) » Thu Jul 12, 2018 6:20 am

I've been following this with some interest.
I also doubt that serious improvements to MP are likely to be announced, and that a couple of ED run servers won't do much to fix the overall experience for everyone.
We shall see.
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Re: DCS and MP issues

Postby EAF79_OD_ » Thu Jul 12, 2018 9:27 am

It does need something doing to improve it. This guy sounds like he'd be good to know in terms of setting up a SoW server though!

[QUOTE=Ciribob;3563327]I'll make a longer post soon of what we've done on BlueFlag.

On our OVH server we have very good performance even when it's got 50+ players and rarely experience crashes now.

We run the oldest online dynamic campaign, all state is persisted with a live map and the saving of dropped / unpacked units between restarts. We have ai ground and ai units, but don't have any convoys on the ground for the reasons below.

Scripting is blamed a lot for lag, but we've found that's not the case, as long as you benchmark and optimise - Lua is pretty speedy.

The main reasons for lag spikes (excluding initial load times)

- AI units (including wrecks)
- AI sensors
- AI pathfinding /moving
- model loads (a new unit, missile etc appearing)

We also dynamically turn on / off AI units if they're not in range of enemies to redice the amount of active AI.

You do not need a beefy GPU in your server, our OVH one has a matrox, which is really just for remote access.

The BlueFlag code itself is not open source, but I've opensourced pretty much everything that makes it up.

The only change we've made to MIST which we use for spawning and all the many amazing helper methods, is turning off the job it runs to list alive and dead units as we do that ourselves.

I'm not trying to say there aren't problems, just saying it is possible to have a large mission and migitate some of the causes listed above - but it does take a lot of effort. We've been doing it for years! :)

Feel free to PM me, or other team members of BuddySpike if you want pointers / help

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