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How to find targets on SoW DCS server


How to find targets on SoW DCS server

Postby Admin (Philstyle) » Tue Mar 12, 2019 10:08 am

Missions on the server will now have a communications menu item which will give the pilot the current status of the GROUND ATTACK targets for their side.
This is accessed from the F10 option in the coms menu.

Each target will either show as:
"ACTIVE" - this means you can consult the brief to get the location, and go attack it, OR
"DESTROYED" - this means you will be wasting your time with further attacks on that target



To find where the targets are:
Using the coms menu select the F10 option.
The list of targets will be provided in text format.
Each target will be numbered (i.e. TARGET 1, TARGET 2 etc) and the menu will tell you if the target is "ACTIVE (i.e. not yet destroyed) or "DESTROYED" (i.e. it has been destroyed)
You want to go after an "active" target.


Read the mission briefing (press "escape" and select briefing option).
Scroll down through the briefing until the section where the ground targets are described (usually under the "secondary targets" section). The text will describe each target, as well as give some information about where it is located.
For example it will say something like "German vehicle column on the Caen-Bayeux road, approximatley 4 miles west of Caen".
In some cases a grid reference or a lat-long coordinate will be provided.
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