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23 July - SOW SERVER/ Events update


23 July - SOW SERVER/ Events update

Postby Admin (Philstyle) » Mon Jul 23, 2018 8:22 am

Thanks Joker for some feedback on the mission thread from last night here:

We still a few issues with the server/ hosting that need to be ironed out before we are really ready to host open missions it seems. Last night was disappointing for me, becasue a few chaps showed up, and things didn't really run as I was hoping they would.
The two most critical issues at this point are:

1. SRS continues to be a right old PITA.
I've just found out that the version of windows I am using for the server is also likely to be WINDOWS 7 "N" version, which apparently needs service pack 1 AND some special Microsoft Media add-on installed. Unfortunately the version of windows I am using is not-yet authorised, and I cannot install any service packs so I will have to fork out 100 EUR to get that done (i.e. I will ahve to buy a full versino of windows 10 for the server). Only then will I know if the problems being experienced are related to this specific issue.

2. I am fairly confident that I know why the "labels mod" did not work last night. However, in order to be sure that I have foud the gremlin I need to do more testing. . . .

One of the problems I have is that testing stuff requires assistance from more than just me. joker has helped out on a couple of occasions, but my requests for help to etst stuff over whatsapp etc. have largely gone un-heeded. So please, if you see a message on one of the whatsapp channels form me asking for testing and you have even 30 minutes of free time, it could really help us out.

The plan from here is to resolve both above issues and consider running a repeat on a FRIDAY night soon. We have word that we might be able to get a 5 to 10-strong Luftwaffe contingent to join in, plus potentially DangerDogz also to fly allied side. This will almost fill the server slots I have set aside.
Friday evening also means that I can be online until much later, so the poor chaps from the UK who tend to start later won't arrive just as I am bringing the server down!
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Re: 23 July - SOW SERVER/ Events update

Postby EAF79_OD_ » Mon Jul 23, 2018 1:31 pm

I'll see what I can do to help on a Friday, it's not a 'normal' flying night though so it can be more awkward - plus if we're going somewhere for the weekend we go on the Friday night and don't tend to come back until Sunday evening. Always happy to help where I can though.
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Re: 23 July - SOW SERVER/ Events update

Postby No.310_JuLB » Mon Jul 23, 2018 2:35 pm

Im ready for testing on this Friday, on allies or axis side.
And not only on a Friday, I will be glad to help anytime it will be needed.
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