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Friday 8th June - BRIEFING

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Friday 8th June - BRIEFING

Postby Admin (Philstyle) » Thu Jun 07, 2018 6:51 pm

1988 "cold war" Caucasus Invasion scenario.
Mission Start (be on TS) 1930 UK time

During this mission you will need to use the in-cockpit coms menu F10 option to list the current active targets.

Blue team V A.I. only (no player redfor)
Viggen (ground and maritime attack)
x4 At Sukhumi (west coast)
x2 at Vaziani (east)

Harrier (ground and SEAD attack):
x4 at Sukhimu (west coast)
x4 at Tblisi

A-10A (CAS, Ground Attack):
x3 at Senalki (centre west)

F-5 (fighter support)
x4 at Kobuleti (west coast)

F-15 (air superiority)
2x at Batumi (west coast)

Mirage (air superiority)
x4 At Songanlug (east)

UH1H (mountain operations)
4x Spread over a series of FARPS in foothills

TARGET Sierra Oscar
TYPE: Chinese Frigate (Naval Asset)
LOCATION: Approx 150km northwest of Sochi, steaming southeast heading, along the coastline. This vessel is likely bringing AA defence capability to the forward airfield at Sochi.
This ship has a missile range of ~50km.

TARGET Tango-Victor
TYPE: State TV broadcast tower
LOCATION: On hilltop, 5km north of Pyatigorsk, LP48

TARGET India Charlie
TYPE: Insurgent Training Camp
LOCATION: On the western shore of the lake, east of Cherkessk KQ70

SECONDARY TARGETS: (Suitable for UH1H operations)
A number of insurgent units (light) have been spotted crossing the mountains and using the river valleys to infiltrate southward.
In Particular the towns of Chargali (MM98), Kvemo-Sba (MN31), Glola (LN82) and Dzahunderi (LN34) have been under threat. Fly the river valleys near these towns to identify and engage enemy units. Use the F10 map to locate any enemy movements which might have already been reported by other friendly assets.

RED-FOR SAM concentrations:
1. At Racecourse, SW end of Nalchick RWY 06
2. 1km East of Gelendzhik Airfield, next to warehouses

BLUE-FOR SAM concentrations:
1. Northwest of Zugdidi
2. Covering the airfields at Tiblisi

----------------------------------- END BRIEFING --------------------------------------------------------
----------------------------------- END BRIEFING --------------------------------------------------------
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