Ive joined and declared, can i get into the blue forum?

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Ive joined and declared, can i get into the blue forum?

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Hi Guys...just recently joined...havnt actually flown yet. Ive joined my ATAG brethren in ATAG Luft and was hoping to get into the blue forum to collate information regarding the current campaign, targets and any other handy tips. I know im not allowed access to the campaign interface which i totally understand, but access to the blue side forum would be a great help so i dont just join the server and search around blind. Many thanks...see you all in the sky

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Re: Ive joined and declared, can i get into the blue forum?

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Welcome ATAG_Tonester!

It looks like ATAG_Luft is already in the system and that it has already declared for the Blue side. (Likewise, there is also an ATAG_RAF which has declared for Red.) It also looks like you are correctly in ATAG_Luft.

Certainly you can start flying immediately. Initially, you can fly from any "Open" base. These are airfields where there are general aircraft stock which can be used. You can find them on the in-game map by hovering your mouse over bases. Those you can use are marked "OPEN".

What it looks like, however, is that none of the ATAG-Squad pilots have set their Steam name on their profiles. There is information about how to do that there.

Once the forum-permissions and squad registration is sorted out, you can also then access the Luftwaffe Guide to Storm of War.

If you are still having problems, please let us know.

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