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[Sticky]Please README

Postby No.54 Joker (KL-J) » Wed Sep 17, 2014 12:57 pm

Welcome to the Officer's Library.

Each of us has probably found some information which perhaps not everyone is yet aware of and this is an effort to share and spread that knowledge.

The postings below, will hopefully, over time, combine to form a library / collation of the various historical, technical, personal and 'in memoriam' articles.

Sources of information can range from URLs, pictures, online newspaper articles and all other resources. Give credit where due and use post titles that are clear and unambiguous.

Below, the following list are just some examples of information postings that you may expect to find.

No separation is drawn or encouraged between Axis or Allied.
To that end, discussions and debates are to be confined to their own separate threads outside of this Officer's Library.

If you have information to share on any of the following or other topics, please post.

a) aircraft
b) pilots
c) leadership personnel
d) missions reports
e) strategy analysis
f) economic & political realities
g) industrial facts
h) comparisons
i) restoration projects
j) Air Displays write-ups
k) museum visits [present day]
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