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Mysticpuma has left TF

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Mysticpuma has left TF

Postby Admin (Reddog) » Mon Apr 24, 2017 7:43 am

Today Mysticpuma announced that he had left Team Fusion on facebook and other fora.

This is a massive blow for the community because he was a strong advocate for keeping the players abreast of what was happening. Additionally he was one of the few if not the only Single Player advocate amongst Team Fusion membership.

His job was made increasingly difficult as far as I can tell, by the usual reasons TF is in the state it is now, poor project management and leadership, failure to communicate a clear plan and schedule and a policy of witholding key information or silo-ism.

I have made life difficult for Neil I imagine by asking difficult questons and for that I do apologise, as the public face he has had to deal with a lot of shit that wasn't directed at him personally but he has borne it all with a grace and good humour which I applaud him for. Especially as I know or suspect that many of the things we have criticised TF for he silently agrees with.

I can only assume that he has grown weary of fighting to show TF the right way forward from the inside or that there has been some change in policy now that 1C are in charge of PR.

That Team Fusion enjoys a level of support and has done so over the past 3 years is in my eyes entirely down to Mysticpuma.

Salute! And good luck with whatever you move onto.

From Phil:
Agree with Reddog. Mystic copped a lot of difficult questions and probing from SoW and others by virtue of his position as the "front end" of TF. He never lost his cool and he kept posting despite the bombardment he recieved.
I'm not surprised to see he left TF in the end. It's just another wheel to have fallen off that project.
MP has some good skills which I'm sure will be of value elsewher, alternativley, maybe it's time for the lad to put his feet up - maybe get out in the field with the Camera and take some nice photos!
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