Storm of War Teamspeak

Individual Player's histories area here, including all previous careers. Click on any one of the 'Career/ Streak' in the first column to see more detail about that Career. Details of the selected career are shown at the bottom of the page.
Career/ Streak No of Sorties Time in Cockpit Aerial Victories Shared Victories Assists Bomber Sorties Kg On Objectives Objects Destroyed Transport Sorties Recon Photos
1 1 00:19:50 0 0 0 1 0.00 0 0 0

This table shows a history of the selected career from the above table. The career currently being shown is career 1. To see more information about any particular sortie, click on the aircraft type in the 'aircraft' column.
Sortie Start Aircraft Serial No. Aerial Victories Shared Victories Assists Gunnery %
2020-02-03 01:42:37 Ju-87 B-2 W.Nr 087 OP7531 0 0 0 0%