Storm of War DCS Server


Storm of War operates a server for DCS Digital Combat Simulator. The server is designed to provide semi-historical mission environments, starting off with missions set during World War Two, using what assets and maps we have as best as possible for now. The server is realism focused, but we have had to make some compromises where necessary.

Unit icons on the F10 map is no-longer availabe. This means that pilots must manually navigate (compass, landmarks, dead-reckoning). There is a RADAR system built into the radio communications menu, for tracking both friendly and hostile aircraft.

AI aircraft are operating on the server. They are designed to provide "environment" mostly. The server is not flooded with AI, but you should exercise caution when flying even if there are no other human players online. This is done to make the server interesting even when player numbers a low, and to make pilots feel that they are a small part of a much bigger theatre of war, rather than lone combatants.

It is also possible at very limited locations (airfields well to the rear) to spawn in with an AI wing-man who will fly with you and "help" you out. The spawn points which also provide an AI wing-man are clearly identified in the role selection screen.

Missions on the server will now have a communications menu item which will give the pilot the current status of the GROUND ATTACK targets for their side. This is accessed from the F10 option in the coms menu.

Each target will either show as: ACTIVE - this means you can consult the brief to get the location, and go attack it, OR DESTROYED - this means you will be wasting your time with further attacks on that target

Check the Briefing in each mission for additional details.